How to Upload File Into Dropbox?

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Q4: How to upload file into Dropbox?

Option 1:
** Upper 10.3.1
Voice Recorder HD was changed Dropbox Share function from the dedicated function into iOS standard function.
1. Swipe the Voice memo which you want to share on Voice memo list screen (Figure1).
2. Tap Share button and you can share the voice memo.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

** Older 10.3

1) Tap arrow icon on right .
2) Tap “Share” button.
3) Tap on Dropbox icon from popup list. If you are uploading first time then login window will appear to proceed next. Selected file will start to upload into “VoiceRecorderHD” directory in your Dropbox account.

​If you are having problem to upload large size file into Dropbox then try using “Open In”. Using “Open In” transfer large voice memo file to Dropbox native app and Dropbox app to Dropbox server.

1) First confirm you have installed Dropbox in your iPhone/iPad.
2) Select a voice memo from list.
3) Tap on “Share” icon from bottom left.
4) Tap on “Open in” from popup list. Select Open in “Dropbox” from new popup list. Wait… as it is a large file, it will take time to transfer file into Dropbox application.

For more detail about dropbox please vist Dropbox, Inc. website.

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